Look at the Amazing Results of a HOMEMADE Rice Water & Papaya Sheet Mask!

Look at the Amazing Results of a  HOMEMADE Rice Water & Papaya Sheet Mask!

Hi my beauties, I have always confessed to being a DIY homemade beauty freak, especially where face masks are concerned.Β  I love mixing natural ingredients at home to make my own face masks, that way I know exactly what’s in them.

This by far is one of my favourite ones, especially when I have large pores and an uneven, dull skin tone. By using 3 simple ingredients you can whip up your own bespoke face mask all in the comfort of your own home. This mask leaves your skin soft, smooth, naturally glowing and even toned. Once you try it, it will become a staple in your homemade beauty routine and that’s a promise. I’m so impressed with the results I just had to share this one.

I also have a really simple tip of how you can make your own sheet mask at home which is so inexpensive and fun to make. So check out the video below, try this mask out for yourself and let me know what you think. Have you ever made your own homemade face mask? if so, share your face mask recipes here.

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Get Rid of Dark Circles, Fine Lines & Wrinkles at Home

Get Rid of Dark Circles, Fine Lines & Wrinkles at Home

hi my beauties, I have one of my favourite homemade beauty secrets for you all today. If you suffer from puffy eyes, dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles then this powerful mix is all you need to get rid of them.

I am a massive fan of homemade beauty products. Β I love researching different ingredients to see how they can benefit the skin. Β It’s amazing to see that so many fresh fruits and vegetables have a wealth of benefits for our skin as well as being 100% natural. Not to mention they are a fraction of the price compared to many popular brands out there.

All I use is 2 ingredients – Parsley and potato Juice. Both are easily available and super cheap to buy, making this one of my favourite beauty treatments, which I can do at home.

The mix will last in the fridge for 3 days after which you will need to make a new batch. Β I love using this eye treatment after a day at work. It’s really cooling and relaxing on the skin.

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