Delhi Vlog: Indian Wedding Shopping & Eating out

Hi beauties, here I am back again this time with a new vlog.  In case you didn’t know – follow me on Instagram to keep up to date – I was in Delhi last week to shop for wedding outfits ahead of my sisters wedding next year.

What an experience! Delhi was so chaotic, full of colour, vibrance and culture, and I loved it.  When you first arrive in India things can seem a bit out of control. I did wonder how anything got done there and more importantly how people avoided accidents after witnessing the way they drive. It’s mad, the traffic is so bad in Delhi that a 20 minute journey takes 3 hours! Not only that, when I was there the pollution levels were so high, schools were cancelled, there was limited visibility when driving and I pretty much had a mask on all day to try and protect myself from the pollution as best I could.

Indian wedding shopping is great in Delhi. We literally spent ages in various designer boutiques and bustling markets. Thankfully I sorted a few outfits out for the wedding, but if you know Indian weddings you will know there are a number of events that take place over the course of a few weeks.  So, I definitely need more outfits still.

I tried to vlog as much as I could in Delhi, but I did find it quite tough. What with the constant chaos around me and trying to arrange one Uber after another, I did feel that I didn’t vlog as much as I would have liked to. But never the less I hope you enjoy this vlog. Please leave a thumbs up so I know you did, don’t forget to subscribe and leave a comment below and I will see you in my next video.


3 thoughts on “Delhi Vlog: Indian Wedding Shopping & Eating out

  1. Delhi is crazy right? We were there a while and couldn’t believe that we didn’t see one crash! Nevertheless a really interesting city. What’s your favourite Indian city?


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