Huda Beauty #FauxFilter Foundation Review + Demo – NC30, Warm, Olive Skin Tone

OH EM JEE!!! Guys I am so excited to be writing this review, not just because I love Huda but also because as soon as I heard she was launching a full coverage matte foundation I was waiting eagerly for it to launch.  Finally Friday the 13th October came and I logged on to Selfridges to purchase my foundation. At this time Cult Beauty had sold out, so I was worried that Selfridges would sell out too which is why I went ahead and just bought one online to collect in store the next day.

So, here’s a bit of information on the foundation. It comes in 30 shades and is a water-resistant with full matte coverage. It retails here in the UK for £32 which is about $40 – definitely a high end price tag. A little of this stuff goes a long way. It was designed to be long-wearing and create that Instagram filter-ready flawless finish, promising not to settle into fine lines or pores.

HB Foundation

I had mixed emotions re the bottle of this foundation.  I did feel it could have been better for the price. An elegant frosted bottle would have been nicer to look at rather than a plastic bottle, which is essentially what it is.  However, I can definitely over look that if the foundation is amazing.

Colour Matching

As you may know – if you have been following my blogs that I really don’t like shade matching foundations online.  I hold my hands up to say I am rubbish at it and 9 times out of 10 always get the wrong shade. So when I saw that Huda had an extensive guide on her website to matching yourself to her foundation, I decided to take a look before ordering mine. I will link her guide here.

For the record I have combination / oily skin – I tend to get oily down the centre of my face during the day and need to powder during the day. It turned out that the shade ‘Butter Pecan’ would be right for me as this is similar to NC30 MAC which is what I would use.  Below is a swatch of both foundation shades – MAC NC30 and Huda Beauty’s Butter Pecan.  As you can see, NC30 has more of a yellow undertone to it, whereas Butter Pecan is more neutral toned. I for one love this, because I do find MAC foundations to be slightly too yellow on me, even NC30. I would definitely recommend referring to Huda’s foundation matching guide before purchasing your own, especially if you are doing it online. I love the idea of this and it really helped me make the right shade choice.

LEFT: Mac NC30 | RIGHT: Butter Pecan

First use

I had to apply the foundation on one side using a damp beauty blender and a buffing brush on the other side just to compare the finish. I used 1 pump and that was plenty for one side of my face and  I have to say that  I definitely preferred the damp beauty blender side which definitely helped to give a beautiful glowy matte finish. The buffing brush side worked well too, but I did prefer blending it out with a beauty blender. The foundation didn’t feel cakey or heavy or look flat at all, in fact once applied it had a matte glow to it – something I have never seen before in a foundation finish.

Final Verdict

I wore the foundation all day and it definitely passed the long-wearing test for me. It also exceeded my expectations by staying matte all day. I read the ingredients and there is Argan Oil in this foundation which made me think it would contribute to my combination/oily skin situation during the day. But it didn’t and I was surprised to see the foundation didn’t break up throughout the day. I took some photo’s on my phone during the day (excuse the quality) to assess how it looked.

The coverage is amazing! for those who like their matte foundations, you will LOVE this like me because its not a heavy, cakey matte foundation at all. Infact I would say it’s the opposite – it feels very comfortable to wear and does really give your skin that filter effect – especially when photographed. I will definitely be using this foundation a lot more in the future. I definitely prefer this foundation more than Fenty Beauty’s Pro Filt’r Foundation.

Have you tried the Huda Beauty Faux Filter foundation? What are your thoughts?  Check out my video review below and leave a comment to let me know you liked this review.



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