My TOP Picks from FENTY BEAUTY + a Review

Finally my package arrived with the rest of my Fenty Beauty goodies and as promised in my Fenty Foundation review video, I’m back to test out some more of the makeup from this line. I managed to get my hands on some more makeup when it launched globally at Sephora and Harvey Nichols.

If you’re new to Fenty Beauty then here is a bit of background info. Rihanna wanted to create a makeup line to cater for women from all countries and with 40 foundation shades she has done just that.  There’s more, RiRi’s has launched 30 highlighting and contouring sticks, some brushes and a universal lip colour to suit all.

For those looking for a review of the Fenty Beauty Foundation, click here where I have done a detailed review of the and wear test. I will say that I love the foundation and would definitely recommend trying it out.  It cost me £26 here in the UK, which does put it in the same bracket as MAC or Bobbi Brown. I have combination skin and really didn’t need to powder my T-Zone during the day when I used this foundation. It is suitable for combination / oily skin and covers blemishes really well.


Moving on to my other Fenty purchases, I picked up 2 Matchsticks, one in the shade Maple and the other in the shade Mocha. These were £21 each and I also got the Killawatt highlighter in Trophy Wife (yes the bright yellow one!) and one in the shade Hustla Baby.  Although the match sticks do have highlighters, I am not a fan of cream highlighters, so I opted to go for a Killawatt powder highlighter in Hustla Baby instead and I have to say I LOVE IT! I feel like this shade would suit all. It has a beautiful gold undertone to it and can be built up for a blinding highlight, or used subtly every day. I also picked up the blotting powder – more on that later.



Match Stix

I really liked the consistency of the Match Stick I bought to contour with. However, this is more of a bronzer shade on me.  It blended out so easily and left a beautiful bronzed colour, which I do powder over to set. I purchased the other Match Stick in the shade Maple with the intention to highlight, however the colour I chose wasn’t light enough so I just used this as a foundation top up during the day to cover any blemishes that are peeking through. To be honest I don’t like using cream sticks as concealer as I do find it tugs on my sensitive under eye area. I am all about the liquid concealers, so maybe it was good in a way that this one turned out to match my actual skin tone. I like the idea of the Match Sticks but only for contouring purposes. The packaging is beautiful, very strong and good quality and I love that they are magnetised.  You get a decent amount of product in these match sticks so they will last a while depending on how often you use them.


Killawatt Highlighters

I am a sucker for trending makeup…clearly! so I just had to get the Trophy Wife highlighter (£26) even though the colour wouldn’t suit me at all as a highlighter.  I did find it wayyy too glittery and intense and can see that the glitter would go all over my face. I would however use this as an eye shadow, especially with Indian outfits. Packaging is once again on point and the highlighters come in a hexagonal shape palette which is strong and sturdy. As I said earlier, I purchased another Killawatt highlighter in the shade Hustla baby (£26) and love how this powder come with almost a more subtle day highlight and a full on night highlight.


InvisiMatte Blotting Powder

I’ve heard amazing things about this mattifying powder, so had to try it out for myself.  Having combination skin meant I always need a good mattifying powder on hand to blot my t-zone during the day. I love the feel of this powder, it is really finely milled and almost has a blurring effect on the skin.  I tested it out on a day when I wasn’t wearing the Fenty beauty foundation and I loved how airbrushed it made my skin look. The packaging is nice a compact and there is also a groove for the accompanying brush (which I didn’t get) to slot in. I will definitely be using this powder a lot and it actually currently lives in my makeup bag which is always in my handbag ready to go with me.


Final Thoughts on Fenty Beauty

My final thoughts on Fenty Beauty are that it is an amazing brand in terms of its vision. I think RiRi has done an amazing job of identifying a long-standing gap in the market and filled it by catering for women of all shades.  My particular favourite products are the foundation, the contour Match Stick, the Killawatt highlighter in Hustla Baby and the blotting powder. If you choose any of these products to start with, you wont be disappointed. I can’t wait to see what else Rihanna brings out in her beauty range. I for one am keeping my eyes peeled for the Holiday collection dropping on 13th October!

Have you tried anything from the Fenty Beauty collection? I’d love to know you’d like to try or what you’ve grabbed already!

Grab Fenty Beauty here in the UK


Watch my review here:

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