Review: Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Palette + Demo

The brand new #HudaBeautyDesertDusk palette dropped last week and I for one could not wait to get my hands on it. Being a die hard Huda fan, anything she releases is guaranteed to be the “bees knees” or is this palette an exception? Continue reading to find out my first impressions.

I bought my palette from Selfridges in London and it cost me £56. I must admit, like her first Rose Gold Palette, I wasn’t too happy paying this much for a palette which had so many mixed reviews. I mean the ABH Modern Renaissance palette – which is awesome – comes in at £41 ( and the Morphe palettes are all under £30 so you can see why I was reluctant to pay £56 for a palette when I can get amazing ones for less.  However this is Huda we are talking about and despite the colours being more bold and artistically inclined in this palette and probably not my everyday go-to palette, I still had to try it out.


On first look the packaging definitely looks much better in terms of quality compared to her last Rose Gold palette. She has thankfully scrapped the sleeve that came with her last palette and opted to print her image on the lid, which I much prefer now. I do feel as if Huda has taken on feedback and reviews from her first palette and used it to improve her latest one. In addition to printing her image on the lid of the palette she has also included a decent size mirror in the inside this time and I love it.  Her image on the front of the palette looks STUNNING! she has jewels on, the colours work well together and it definitely depicts a desert dusk scenario. Although Huda gets top marks for improving the packaging and quality of her new palette,  it will be interesting to see whether the eye shadows are the same formula or whether they have been improved as well.


Eye Shadows

The new Desert Dusk palette contains 18 warm toned eye shadows as well as a beautiful bold purple shade which would look beautiful on brown eyes. There is a mix of 8 matte shades, 6 pressed pearls 3 Duo-Chrome toppers and 1 pure glitter. I started by using the matte shade Eden in my crease as a transition shade.  I have to admit I did struggle to find a suitable transition shade. I would have liked to have seen a matte brownish/pink shade to use as my transition shade.  Amber is way too orange in the crease and Eden is also quite a light pale colour.  Anyway, I decided to continue working Eden into my crease and found that the eye shadow blended with ease. One snag I did notice was that the consistency of the matte eye shadows was very powdery. One dip of my brush and I noticed it left an imprint and disrupted the eye shadow leaving  it crumbly in the palette.

Next I moved onto using the colour Oud which is a beautiful reddish brown colour. This is the darkest colour in the palette and I am kind of sad that it doesn’t have a matte black shade. Although her first Rose Gold Palette did have a matte black eye shadow in it, I wish this one had one too.


I soon moved onto to using a pressed pearl and couldn’t resist the colour Twilight. Its a gorgeous bluey, purple, silver colour which reflects the light beautifully when applied. I have to say the consistency of these pressed pearl shadows is definitely more creamier that the mattes and they look stunning as toppers to finish off your eye shadow look.  I did notice some glittery fall out using these, so it maybe an idea to do your eye makeup first if you are using these and then wipe of any fallout before moving on to your foundation.


Next I dipped into the only pure glitter shade called ‘Cosmo’ to try it out. Be warned, if you are looking to use this glitter you need to use a glitter glue with it. It definitely needs something to adhere to and it is literally loose glitter that has been pressed into this palette.

My final thoughts – Is it worth it?

In relation to this palette I do feel it is definitely an improvement from Huda’s first Rose Gold Palette. The packaging the sturdiness, the large mirror and amazing image of Huda on the palette are all factors that contribute to making this palette a product of good quality. In terms of the eye shadows, I do feel that this is a palette that would say come out on a special occasion, so not for every day use, personally for me.



The price – £56 is a lot but if you are a beauty enthusiast like me and need to try all the new beauty launches as soon as they release, then this is probably worth it for you. However if you are interested but would like, say a cheaper alternative with similar colours, check out the ABH Modern Renaissance palette. Having said that, I do love this palette but wish it was slightly more affordable between £40 – £50 ideally, especially as I don’t class this as an everyday palette.  The pressed pearl shades are stunning and leave an ultra-glam look to your eye makeup, for this reason alone and the fact that the packaging has improved vastly, I would say this palette is worth it.

Have you tried the Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Palette? or do you find it is too expensive for what it is? Which is your all time favourite eye shadow palette? Leave a comment below and let me know.

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