Testing a Weird Peel off Rubber Mask!

Hi guys, this week I am testing the new MasqueBAR peel off modeling mask and I’m so excited!

Ever since I saw this mask on MasqueBAR’s Instagram page, I had to get my hands on it to try it out. There are 4 varieties of this face mask; Collagen, Tea Tree, Lavender and Charcoal and they retail at £4.95 here in  the UK. You can buy them here.  The one I am testing out today is the Lavender one which is great to brighten the skin and add moisture.



My skin has been quite  dull and dry recently due to the hot weather here. On first impressions looking at the packaging, it is very clean and well labelled.  Because this mask comes in powder form, it is in a sealed pot, into which you add the water to mix into a smooth paste. You also get a small plastic spoon / spatula in the pot

Once mixed up you can see bits of fresh Lavender in the paste which is very nice especially when applying the face mask which is definitely a very  relaxing experience.

You have to work fast with this stuff! I took too long and had to miss out covering my nose because the paste turned to rubber so fast. My advice would be to apply this stuff as quickly as possible! Then sit back and relax for 20 minutes until the mask sets completely.

After 20 minutes the mask is ready to peel off and  I could not wait to do this.  I find this part weirdly satisfying when using a peel off mask and was hoping to peel the whole thing off in one go. Unfortunately this didn’t happen!

Rubber peel off

I started peeling it off and because my application was somewhat messy (this mask is a messy one to apply!) when it came to peeling it off it wasn’t coming off in one go. However, large chunks were peeling off and it felts so good – not painful in any way.

My Final Thoughts

I really liked this mask. Not only was it fun to use but it left my skin really moisturised and glowy. The overall texture and feeling was a lot smoother and I would definitely use this mask again.

I have ordered the collagen version  of this mask and will try it out in a video on my Instagram, Let me know if you’d like a review of that one. Watch my full review below & make sure to subscribe to my You Tube channel to see more of me 🙂


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