5 Minute Glam Curls

Hi my beauties, I am back and this time its all about creating beautiful, effortless, quick glamorous curls.  I for one love to curl my hair. I find it not only gives me more volume (yay! ) but it also adds that extra glam to any look.  I notice that I feel a lot more confident when I curl my hair.

Let me give you a bit of background to my hair.  Over the years I have subjected my locks to intense heat and repeated colouring. So as you can imagine it isn’t perfect at all.  I find the ends of my hair look drier quicker, but a regular trim always helps. In addition to this I love to apply coconut oil to my hair on a regular basis.  When I have time (usually weekends) I massage some warm coconut oil into my scalp and hair and sleep with it overnight.  When it comes to washing my hair the next day, it does feel a lot more smoother.

Going back to curling my hair, the curling tongs I use are the Bombay Gold 32mm curlers. I would recommend you to use the heat protecting glove provided, because I have burnt my fingers on many occasions whilst wrapping my hair around the tongs.. I find this method the quickest to curl when in a rush.

5 min glam curls8

  1. Apply a heat protecting spray – something like this Loreal one is good
  2. When the curlers are ready to use, split your hair into 2 (if you have thick hair I would recommend sectioning your hair out for a more even curl)
  3. Once all your hair is curled, run your fingers through your hair to loosen then curls up
  4. This is when you can add some serum or hair oil for added shine
  5. Finish off by adding some hair spray to make sure the curls stay all day

So my beauties, that is my quick guide on how I create 5 minute glam curls. I hope this has helped you. Please subscribe to my Youtube channel for more beauty videos and follow my blog. Do you like to curl your hair?  If so, which curlers do you use? I would love to know.


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