How to Backcomb your Hair for MORE Volume

Hi my beauties, welcome back to Husnara Beauty.  Today  I am going to show you how I backcomb my hair to create a bit of lift and volume to my otherwise flat pancake style of hair.  I have quite fine hair, so I always struggle to get any natural volume at the top, so for me backcombing is great at giving me bigger hair, which I absolutely love!

The look I am going for today is more of natural, everyday backcombing lift which I would call soft glam.  If you would like to see some more glam hair looks with backcombing, then leave a comment below and let me know.

For backcombing I use this brush, which is really affordable and gives great results.  There are a number of other types of brushes you can use, but for me I find this brush to be the perfect width and size to backcomb my hair with.

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That’s all for now my beauties, see you in my next video. xx

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