DIY Awesome Anti Acne & Anti Ageing Toner

If you guys know me, you will know that I am obsessed with making my own skincare. Reason being, my super sensitive skin. This toner is 100% natural and organic full of goodness.  In today’s video I bring you an easy DIY toner which will not only help your skin fight acne, but also rejuvenate it and help against anti-ageing.  With Christmas round the corner,  DIY beauty gifts are perfect for friends and loved ones.

I purchased the Rose Water essence and Rosehip oil from a UK based company called Naissance.  I order my oils from their website because they offer fast delivery and great prices. Check out there Website here.

My mix contains the following:

1/3 Apple Cider Vinegar (this stuff stinks, but is so so good for fighting acne)

2/3 Rose Water which naturally balances your skin to refresh

5 drops of Rosehip Oil – perfect for delaying the ageing process

I added some dried rose petals to my mix, which is completely optional.  I happened to find some in Dubai recently and love anything to do with rose, so added these in.

If you give this this toner a go, you will love it.  Let me know whether you have any other natural beauty recipes to try 🙂

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