Afternoon Tea at the One & Only Mirage Dubai

Hi my lovlies, summer is now officially over so I thought it would be a great idea to re-live part of my summer holiday this year when I went to Dubai.  I love Dubai, there’s something about the humid dessert heat, & rich luxury, gold opulence everywhere that draws me in.  I went to visit my sister and stayed for 10 days, during which time I visited almost all of the malls (mainly for Sephora), ate so much everyday and woke up late! #lifestylegoals anyone? Please check out my first attempt at vlogging my holiday here.

We had booked to go to an Afternoon Tea at the One & Only Mirage hotel. This hotel was so beautiful with a real arab, souk traditional feel to it. The entrance hall alone was so pretty with a mini waterfall and loads of rose petals.


Onto the afternoon tea and this was amazing! Hummus and warm tortillas to start with, next mini finger-sized bagels served with salmon, beef, mozzarella and tomato then deserts which consisted of various macaroons, cream cakes and biscuits. Not forgetting the endless amounts of tea / coffee that came our way.

Watch me get ready below before we head off for the afternoon tea and a mini vlog of the hotel in the same video.



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