Ah-mazing! Favorites This Month | July 2016

July Favs

So here we are again guys, another month has passed and I can’t believe we are moving into August already. This month has been so hectic with work and beauty stuff that I didn’t actually realise it was the end of the month and time for a monthly favourites video. I only recently started uploading to You Tube seriously and absolutely love it.  I love making videos about beauty and reading all the lovely comments everyone leaves me.  Going forward, I will be uploading a lot more videos to You Tube so I hope you will subscribe to my channel and follow me there as well. Please subscribe to my You Tube channel here.

Enough rambling and onto the favourites. So first up I have been loving the Dermalogica Hydrablur Primer.

Dermalogics 2

I was using the Makeup Forever Step 1 Primer religiously before this one and ran out.  Although I love the MUF primer I wanted to try a different brand so started doing a bit of research. I loved the fact that my MUF primer kept my skin matte all day long and had a light texture, so I wanted the same from the new primer. After a bit of searching on the net, I decided to go with the Dermalogica Hydra Blur primer and absolutely love it. It has a creamy lightweight feel, keeps my skin matte and is so comfortable to wear all day, which is a definite must when working in the City. This is definitely a primer that sits at the top of my list along side the MUF one, so definitely give this one a go if you are looking for a new primer.

Second on my list of favourites this month is the Too Faced Born This Way Foundation.  I have been loving this one so much because it is so comfortable to wear and give long lasting coverage.  The shade I have is warm Beige which is a perfect match as medium toned asian skin.  All my family and friends love this foundation because they are indian and too Faced offer a great colour selection for asian skin tones. At first this foundation goes on to give a luminous finish, but it then sets matte on the skin which I love. The formula isn’t heavy and cake at all, in fact it feels so light weight that I forget I am wearing  it sometimes.  This foundation also is infused with Coconut Water, Alpine Rose and Hyaluronic Acid to give deep moisture and anti ageing benefits whilst giving a flawless finish.  If you are looking for a new foundation which gives you full coverage without the cakiness, I definitely recommend you give this one a try.

Next up I have been LOVEing the Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder this month. If you are familiar with the beauty world then you will know all about this setting powder. It is literally magic in a tub, a very long lasting tub! Although its pricey, it lasts ages, so definitely worth it. I love how it sets my makeup all day and doesn’t feel cakey, heavy or cause any creasing under my eyes at all. I love using this powder with a brush, just to set under my eyes, down my nose, my forehead and chin. But you can also use it with a damp beauty blender to really pack on and leave for a few minutes if you like to “bake”. If you haven’t tried this powder yet, I definitely recommend you do. You definitely won’t regret it.

Laura mERCIER tsp

No favourites video would be complete without the mention of a NYX product and I have two that I have been loving this month. First up is the NYX Contour and Highlight palette. This is just brilliant for a drugstore / high street palette, it’s the best I’ve seen. The contour shades are really nice cool toned browns which are perfect for any skin type. The highlight shades are all wearable – I usually find with these kinds of palettes that there are a couple of shades that are too white or too shimmery to wear, but all these highlight colours are wearable, especially on Indian skin tones. The powders blend in so well and last all day. You really can’t go wrong with this palette – it’s a good one if you are new to contouring or even if you are going on holiday and need a decent contour palette to take, this is the one I would suggest.

The next product from NYX is the Ultimate Eye Shadow Palette in Neutral. Yes I have been raving about this eye shadow palette so much and have a review here on my blog and a video with the palette in action here. It’s literally been the palette I grab every day to do my makeup because the colours are perfect for creating a natural eye look, especially if you have brown eyes like me. I like that the palette has a good mix of shimmer colours and matt colours, which are all really wearable.  I believe these palettes are only available at selected stores – I got mine from Selfridges in London.

Wordpress NYX

So the final favourite cult product I have been using non-stop this month is the Sephora Outrageous Curl mascara. I know this isn’t available in the UK, but if you can order it through Sephora I really recommend you do! It is the best mascara in the world. I have tried so many mascaras from here in the UK, high street and high end and nothing compares to how this mascara makes my lashes so long and spread apart. It’s seriously magic and worth every penny. I usually grab about 5 of these whenever I go to Dubai. The Sephora there doesn’t have the full range of makeup products like the US, but Sephora’s own brand products are really good and available in Dubai too.

Sephora maSCARA

So there we have it guys, those were some of the things I have been loving this month. Leave a comment and let me know what you have been particularly loving beauty wise because I’d love to know.

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