NYX Haul, Try on & First Impressions


Hey guys, so I posted a review of the NYX Ultimate palette on my blog here and so I thought it would be good to add this haul I bought recently.  I love makeup from high end to drugstore and NYX is definitely a brand that affordable and great quality.

I grabbed their Contour Palette as soon as I saw it because I have heard rave reviews about it.  Safe to say I know exactly what all they hype is about because I absolutely love it. Ever since i bought the contour and highlight palette it’s all I have been reaching for in my routine.  I love the cool toned contour colours and the highlight shades are great as well.  There are 3 matte highlighters (one yellow toned and 2 whiter shades) and there is also a shimmery highlighter, which I probably won’t use but nice to have the option to if need be.

Moving onto the NYX Ultimate palette, you can read my review of this amazing palette here.  Again a really good staple eyeshadow palette and definitely a good grab and go one n my opinion.

Other great products NYX do are there double ended pencils. I bought two types of these. One was for the brows, with a brown pencil on one end and a highlighting concealer on the other to enhance the brows.  The other was a black felt cat liner pen and a black eyeliner. Both of these are great value and really easy to use.  I also picked up a pink toned blusher and love that also.

A NYX haul would not be complete without purchasing a Soft Matte Velvet Lip Cream.  I bought 3 of these (Got carried away as usual). They are so affordable and last ages! no lie, I would seriously compare these to a good quality liquid lipstick like maybe ABH’s range.

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