Top 5 Luxury Oud Perfumes

Hello everyone so today I thought I would take you through my top 5 favourite luxury oud perfumes. These are definitely a lot more expensive than regular perfumes available out there because of the ingredients they contain. I have a thing about Oud perfumes, as many as I have, I can always find room for more. It’s quite an expensive obsession and choosing 5 out of my collection was not an easy task at all guys!

For those of you who know Oud perfumes well will know that they are unisex perfumes and range from very potent woody smells to more of a sweet musky rose smell. I am definitely more obsessed with the rose scented musk ones which are more feminine and lighter. These perfumes are popular in the middle-east and South East Asia and they have found their way to the UK recently.
Where does Oud come from?
The popular Oud fragrance comes from agarwood, the most expensive wood in the world.  The Chinese, Indians and Arabs use Oud / incense in religious and celebratory occasions.
Ok so just to make it clear, these are in no particular order, I couldn’t do that to these perfumes! I got the majority of mine from Selfridges in London, but they are available online. I’ll leave links below.
First up is:
I absolutely love this brand and have a few from them in this video! It’s exclusive to Selfridges and I got mine in London, but it is available online too. I’ll leave a link below. This perfume is a lighter fresher Oud smell, so not as potent as some of the others.  It has notes of lemon, vanilla, rose, white musk and cedar wood. It’s such a nice smell especially if you like vanilla fragrances, but it’s not a sickly sweet one. The bottle is really elegant and simple and the size is great for the handbag. This is the 60ml which was about £56 and they do have a larger size.
Next up is Armani’s Rose D’Arabie and this perfume is just beautiful in every way. I have the 100ml bottle and the smell is a mix of rose, mild spice, patchouli, amber and wood and all I can say is GORGEOUS! It’s very luxurious the bottle is a statement piece in itself, very classic and very chic. This one is slightly stronger than the previous Mancera Roses Vanilla, but really beautiful none the less.
Moving on to Amouge DIA  and this is another lovely perfume. It has notes of sandlewood, vanilla and amber with undertones of orange blossom, ylang ylang and rose wood. This is definitely a luxury perfume from the weight of it and the beautiful see-through bottle. It looks like a bottle of liquid gold with a pure gold lid and a ruby engraved on top. Simply beautiful – The scent isn’t very overpowering. I would say it’s in the same category as the roses vanilla perfume but with a bit more of a woody undertone. It is definitely one to turn heads if you wear it. As you can see from my bottle I don’t use this one often, it’s one of those that I save for special occasions.
Next up is another Mancera perfume and this one is called Roses Greedy. Guys, this is my signature smell, I love this perfume and have been through so many in the past.  Whenever I wear this perfume I always get asked what I’m wearing so if you like light floral scents with musk, roses and Oud you will love this one.  It is slightly sweeter than the others, but not in an overpowering sickly way. It has Damascus roses, jasmine, white musk, vanilla, amber, fruity tones of mandarin, peach and coconut, guys I haven’t smelt a perfume like this before, no lie. Again this is available online if you feel like splashing out on a new perfume and this really lasts for ages.  I literally use one spray on my neck and wrist and it lasts for ages. The bottle is just magnificent as well, this beautiful dark pink rose colour is just beautiful.
So last but by no means least is the Bella Bellisima Arabian Rose perfume and  guys OMG I am so in LOVE with this smell. It is a unisex fragrance.  There is a slight hint of Turkish rose in this perfume as per the website, but it’s not as rosey as the other ones. This one brings amber, bergamot, citrus, spice and wood to the forefront and the last power is seriously long.  The bottle is again really elegant and simple. The lid has a magnetic system which is great for making sure there isn’t any waste. The bottle again is weighty and the glass is really thick, which makes it really good quality.
So there we have it guys, they were my top 5 favourite Oud perfumes. I know Jo Malone has an Oud & Bergamot perfume out, which I really want to get my hands on. Guys, if you liked this post please check out my related You Tube video here. Don’t forget to like & subscribe to my channel for more and follow me via my social media links.

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