Top 5 Luxury Foundations

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Hey guys, so today I am going to rave about my top 5 favourite high end, more expensive foundations which are all medium to buildable full coverage, as I prefer.  Just for reference I am NC30 in MAC and have combination skin.

When it comes to high end foundations and foundations in general, I do find it quite difficult to get a good match being Asian. There are still many brands out there that don’t offer enough of a colour range to cater for darker skin tones. Apart from brands like MAC, Nars and Bobbi Brown which offer a good range of colour options, I think there is still a need for improvement with many of the other brands out there.
Moving on and in no particular order I am going to firstly talk about the:
This is the new reformulated version of the YSL foundation which I wanted to try out for so long. My shade is BD40 and I have to say the numbering for the shades is quite confusing, so I suggest  trying a sample pot at home first just to make sure the colour is the right match. This foundation is definitely one I would call a weightless foundation, because when it’s built up to a heavier coverage it doesn’t feel cakey in any way on my skin. It has long lasting power and gives a healthy illuminating look, which isn’t overly shiny or oily like other illuminating foundations.  I tend to go for matte foundations to avoid any extra shine on my combination skin, but this one is really good at providing that healthy glow all day long. If you have particularly oily skin, then you may have to powder with this one but I don’t think it would be too much for you. I really like to use this foundation when my skin is feeling a bit dull and when I want to build things up to a natural looking coverage.
2. The next foundation on my list is the Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation which I am totally obsessed with. The shade Ivory Beige is a perfect match for me and has become one of my go to foundations, it’s such a staple, must have foundation for your collection – if you  haven’t tried it and are in the market for a new high end foundation, I’d definitely recommend this one as a starting point.  The range of colours they have is extensive 40 in total, so you are sure to find your colour match with this foundation. I’ve been through so many bottles of this foundation over the years and it really is a cult favourite of mine. This foundation isn’t as dewy as the YSL foundation and it can be worn with just one layer for a decent medium coverage or built up to a heavier one for flawless, blurring and flattering coverage. One thing I would say is Estee Lauder need to add a pump to this foundation because it is quite messy to take the foundation out on the back of your hand, especially if you are clumsy like me.
3. Next up is Guerlain’s Parure Gold Gold Radiance Foundation with SPF 30. I haven’t tried any foundations from Guerlain before simply because I didn’t think they had many colour shades available, but that has all changed and I was pleasantly surprised by this one. It’s a bit on the pricey side at £56 a bottle but it contains particles of gold which claim to give an overall youthful glow and contain anti-ageing ingredients.  I know the age defying skin care range from Guerlain is super expensive but I love their daily repair serum and this foundation complements that range.
I have to say it definitely gives a glow to the skin, slightly more than the YSL foundation. I have shade 03 Natural Beige which is more of a neutral undertone and suits me well. 2 pumps of this foundation is enough to give a natural full flawless coverage that lasts all day. This is definitely a true high-end luxury foundation which fills in pores and fine lines and evens out the skins texture.
4. The next one of my favourites is the Diorskin Forever Foundation with SPF 35. I’d heard so much about this foundation so I really wanted to give it a go. I have shade 031 and have to say this has become another of my grab and go foundations which I just know I can put on and my skin will look flawless and perfect every time. It melts into the skin to give natural looking soft focused coverage and lasts all day with a luminous matt finish to your skin – you really get the best of both worlds here. I just really love it as an everyday foundation because it’s not oily at all and is so comfortable to wear. I can’t compare this to any other foundation out there because a bit of this one goes a long way and feels light weight on the skin and you get a really good medium to full coverage. If you like your skin to look perfected but don’t like cakey foundations, this one is for you. I like to buff it in with a buffing brush or a beauty blender and I find the finish to be like natural skin.
5. Last but by no means least, is the Nars Velvet Matt Skin Tint Foundation with SPF 30. it’s hard to have not heard the buzz around this foundation which is a really good staple foundation to have in your collection.  I love using this one on days when I want a lighter coverage for my base, but it also works if I want a heavier coverage by building it up.  It’s the perfect foundation to take on holiday because the packaging is great for travel rather than taking glass bottles with you. It has a soft matt oil free finish and lives up to it velvet name with mouse like texture which helps an effortless application.  From the name of this Nars Velvet Matt Skin Tint, you’d expect me to hate it because I am all about full cover foundations, but strangely enough this foundation is more than a skin tint, and I’m so glad I tried it. I find the finish similar to the Estee Lauder Double wear foundation, but with a velvet non-shiny finish.

And that concludes my favourite top 5 favourite high end foundations. Click here to see my video on this post. Please comment with your favourite high end foundations below, I’d love to know. Don’t forget to like, share and subscribe to my channel for more. Until next time guys, bye xx

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